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The LSAT Bird Box Challenge

Because we the people love nothing more than a stupid, unnecessary, and potentially dangerous challenge, the nation has been swept by the Bird Box challenge, in which — inspired by the eponymous movie starring Sandy B. — people blindfold themselves and then attempt to do normal daily tasks, such as walking down the street or using the subway.

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February LSAT Scores Are In

In the world of law school admissions, the release of February LSAT scores is something of a watershed moment. For the vast majority of law schools, February is the last exam they’ll consider for admission in the current cycle. Which means it might be time to face facts.

(Of course, some of you took the February exam for consideration next year. You people are really early, and super type-A to boot. This article is not about you.)

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Cancel My December LSAT Score? Keep It? Help!

The deadline to cancel your December LSAT score is this Friday. That’s coming up, so let’s talk about what it means and how to make the decision.

You can cancel your LSAT score through by going to the LSAT Status page of your LSAC account and following the instructions there. Those words feel weird to type — you’d be shocked at how recently canceling required a fax or overnight-mailed letter.

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My 99th Percentile LSAT Score Story: Aaron Cohn

I came to the LSAT from a different place than most. When I first encountered the LSAT, I had already been teaching GMAT and GRE classes for a few years. My former employer sent me to a training to learn how to teach the LSAT before I had even taken a full practice test.

I’ve always been a strong standardized test taker. I never did any formal prep for the SATs and pulled off a perfect verbal score anyway. Let’s pause for a moment so you can curse me.

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My 99th Percentile LSAT Score Story: Laura Santoski

I’m basically a dinosaur in LSAT years, since I took the test way back in October 2011, when I had to walk uphill both ways barefoot in the snow to get to my testing center. Through a combination of smart preparation and good luck, I scored a 178 that day (woo hoo!), and today I’d like to share my story with you young whippersnappers, along with some tips to help you replicate my success.

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My 99th Percentile LSAT Score Story: Robert Seaney

Definitely came out of my diagnostic exam, my first ever run through the LSAT, whining – and I quote – “I’ll never get Logic Games – there’s just too many moving pieces!”

While I maintain that I’m right about the second part, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the first.

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My 99th Percentile LSAT Score Story: Branden Frankel

You may notice a theme in these stories, which is that many of the authors — current and former Blueprint LSAT instructors — started off with ridiculously high scores, and, rather than seeing a jump of thirty points to get into the 170s like many neophytes would need, it’s a jump of ten or fifteen points. I hear you, and, unfortunately, I’m once again going to give you a story that starts off at what many others would dream of as a test day score.

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My 99th Percentile LSAT Score Story: Yuko Sin

On my way to the 99th percentile, I had three significant LSAT scores. My first practice LSAT, my first official LSAT, and my second official LSAT scores.

The First Practice Test

I took my first practice LSAT at a Starbucks. A friend of mine came along and also did a practice test. I didn’t know anything about what would be on the test, I just had some vague ideas about how it’s pretty hard-to-impossible to study for, so my first score better be good.

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Should I cancel my September LSAT score?

You have a few days left, but, if you’re considering canceling your September 2016 LSAT score, it’s time to give it serious thought.

Directly below, you will find a timeless classic of Blueprint videography, To Cancel or Not to Cancel, featuring Blueprint founder and certified LSAT-cancelologist, Matt Riley.