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Logical Reasonings / 4.12.16

A. Stephen Hawking’s new project, Breakthrough Starshot, promises to get a probe to our nearest star neighbor, Alpha Centauri, in just 20 years. By way of comparison, a probe traveling at the speed our current probes travel would take 30,000 years. Science

B. The OG Star Wars Trilogy is coming soon to theaters near you. Tix available on May the 4th. Mental Floss

C. Here’s Mark Zuckerberg’s ten year plan for Facebook. Basically, he’s going to continue selling your private information. USA Today

D. A proposed bill in NY would require drivers involved in accidents to hand their phones over to authorities for “testing” to determine whether it had been used in the run up to the accident. Great idea? Or government overreach? App Advice

E. Ahhhhh!! Run! It’s rampaging Danish monkeys!! The Local

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Logical Reasonings / 4.7.16

A. Now there’s another reason for George Mason University to reconsider naming it’s law school after Antonin Scalia, the first of course being that the acronym (at least originally) was ASSoL. NBC News

B. Yet more proof that rocking the LSAT pays dividends down the road, because, really, who wants to take the bar exam multiple times? Above the Law


D. Planned Parenthood is suing Indiana over its new, draconian anti-abortion law. Reuters

E. And, finally, in you-just-knew-the-Germans-hadn’t-really-changed-as-much-as-they-claim news, a German professor was arrested in Rome after a HUMAN SKULL was found in his luggage. The Daily Mail

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Logical Reasonings / 3.9.16

A. Marco Rubio has staked his hopes on the people of his home state of Florida. Polls indicate the feeling is not even close to mutual. Fox News

B. JJ Abrams admits he made a mistake in The Force Awakens. No, it’s not that it was a total rip off of the first Star Wars. ABC News

C. There’s a thing called “Rage Yoga,” which involves contorting oneself, screaming, swearing, and drinking beer. Here at Blueprint, we call that Tuesday. Oddity Central

D. Good news. We found the worst tattoo-job ever, and it provides the basis for the worst mugshot ever. KHOU

E. Here’s a rundown of the men and women Pres. Obama is considering to nominate to the Supreme Court. New York Magazine

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Logical Reasonings / 12.21.15

A. South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham has announced that he is suspending his presidential campaign, which, it would seem, implies that he was running for President at one point. Huh. The New York Times
B. Okay, Hello Kitty weirdos, this one’s for you: The official Hello Kitty website has been hacked and your data has been compromised. She has no mouth, by the way. Just sayin’. The Daily Beast
C. A consortium of 200 or so law schools has bought Lawyer Metrics, a company that uses big data to help law firms make HR decisions. ABA Journal
D. Kim K. has an app with a bunch of emojis that fit situations that the current panoply of emojis doesn’t cover. How many times have you said to yourself, “If only I had a selfie emoji…”? People
E. Star Wars made tons of $$$. Forbes

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Logical Reasonings / 12.16.15

A. So there’s this movie. Apparently it’s called Star Wars or something like that. People happen to like it. USA Today
B. Will Google’s self-driving cars make Uber a thing of the past? The Verge
C. Law school enrollments fall again. Good news for aspiring law students. Above the Law
D. Missed last night’s GOP debate? Watch the whole thing here. It’s… well… yeah. Election Central
E. The history of Ol’ St. Nick, in 90-second video format. BuzzFeed

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Logical Reasonings / 12.15.15

A. This tragedy could’ve been prevented if Yelp allowed zero star reviews. CNN
B. Star Wars! Celebrities! The red carpet! It’s too much to handle! We’re running out of exclamation points! E!
C. A plumber in Texas sold his truck to a Ford dealership, and a few months later it turned up in Syria with an ISIS machine guy strapped to the back. Now he’s suing the dealership. NPR
D. University of Minnesota Law School has flyers posted in the library asking sobbing students to use the stairwell so they don’t bother others. C’mon, people. Law school isn’t that hard. Above the Law
E. All Los Angeles city public schools were closed because of a threat, which was apparently a hoax. BuzzFeed

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Logical Reasonings / 12.11.15

A. Google is giving away Star Wars themed virtual reality viewers! Calm down; it’s just a piece of cardboard. Venture Beat
B. A piece of metal went through a BMW windshield. It’s significantly bigger than you’re imagining. ABC News
C. Bald eagle attacks Donald Trump. Buzzfeed
D. This fine gentleman was swallowed by a hippo and lived to tell about it. Unfortunately, he forgot to take a selfie from inside the hippo. Huffington Post
E. You knew it wasn’t over. Steve Sarkisian has sued USC over his firing. ESPN

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Logical Reasonings / 11.30.15

A. Doggerland is the Atlantis of the North Sea, and scientists are trying to find out more about this sunken land. Wired
B. The December LSAT is this Saturday! Always a good idea to review the maddeningly complex, ever-changing list of things dos and don’ts when it comes to test day. LSAC
C. When is an agreement a treaty? Depends on whether or not you like it. ABA Journal
D. Why did NOBODY tell us that the Hermanator was making a comeback?? Mashable
E. You can now radically alter your experience with Google across its many platforms. Jedi or Sith? Choose. Google