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The 20 People You’ll Meet in Law School

The new school year is just about upon us. Students across the United States will be back in classes in seven days, including yours truly. This week, as I wind down the very final days of summer and try to get back into the school mind-set, I have been spending some time considering my classmates. You see, law school attracts some interesting people (in all senses of the word) and I’ve missed some of those buggers over the past few months. So to celebrate their general awesomeness/entertainment value I bring you this non-exhaustive list of all the people you will ever meet in law school! (It’s non-exhaustive primarily so I can recycle the idea next time I am too lazy to come up with a real topic. Also, full disclaimer, I got my inspiration from this piece, which is both more original and funnier.)

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Top Ten Law School Fears, and Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Here we are, halfway through July, and for some of you it is less than a month away from THE START OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  Yep, for students starting 1L in mid to late August, we are officially in the seventh inning stretch.  On the other hand, for those of us soon to be starting 2L, we are halfway through recovering from the miseries of last year, while eagerly anticipating the good parts we’ll get to relive next.

For those of you studying for the LSAT… enough wasting time, get back to it.

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Studying with Victoria: Puzzled by LSAT Logic

As our nation celebrated its 234th birthday with fireworks and apple pie, I bundled up in a sweater and did my lesson 1 homework because, after spending a semester translating Plato, I’m used to that not having a life feeling. And the sweater? The “sunny” part of “sunny southern California” is a lie, as is the phrase “June gloom.” It’s gloomy whenever it damn well pleases, which is most of the summer.

But I digress. The homework went well, and dare I say it, I actually enjoyed doing the logic games.  I won’t say that I breezed through each question, but I wasn’t banging my head against the table and cursing the day I decided to go to law school either. All in all, we’ll chalk that up in the win column.

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Through the Interwebs with Sophia: Practice LSAT #1

What’s a better way to start the 4th of July weekend than to sit for an LSAT practice test?

Sitting at my parents’ kitchen counter,  my face was a veritable fireworks show of emotions throughout those four grueling hours. I laughed, I (almost) cried, I was angered, frustrated, bewildered, etc. My blood pressure rose to an alarming rate (especially with logic games). However, when time was called after section 5, I sat there surprisingly calm. No, I did not throw the book across the room at my dog who decided in the midst of a reading comprehension section to bark at the neighbor mowing his lawn. No, I did not mercilessly swat the fly that thought it would be funny to torment me through logical reasoning. I sat there, and took it all in.

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Through the Interwebs with Sophia: Studying the LSAT Online

Sophia is our Blueprint The Movie student blogger. She hails from the wind city of Chicago and will be studying for the LSAT in her summer apartment overlooking Lake Michigan in between interning downtown. She’s Greek (ethnically-speaking), and no, she doesn’t know how to make baklava or set saganaki cheese on fire…yet.

The glorious package has arrived! For months now I’ve been reading up on the LSAT and different prepping strategies, and finally, the chosen one has been delivered to my humble abode.

Online account, check. Books, check. Pencils, check. Sucker, check.

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Technology, ADD, and the LSAT

If you are reading this blog, then there’s a pretty good chance that you hope to get a great score on the October LSAT.  Summer classes are right around the corner, and you are cautiously optimistic because you have heard that the LSAT is hard. Like really hard. The truth is that the LSAT tests a very learnable set of skills, and will not seem as intimidating once you dive into the proper study methods and you learn to think the right way about the exam. The LSAT will test your ability to pick apart logical structure, make deductions, and at times will require you to organize large chunks of information. Make no mistake, this is going to take quite a bit of concentration and focus, which brings me to the point of this post.

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Suffering from Post-LSAT Depression?

The signs are all around us. You’ve seen them: listless bodies walking blankly around town at dusk, a preponderance of frighteningly pale and sickly young people lurking about your neighborhood bars and restaurants, and an ever increasing number of confused individuals emerging from the shadows, devoid of people skills and all-around cleanliness. No, this is not a casting call for the next George Romero zombie flick, nor is it at all related to the ubiquitous and thoroughly tired vampire fad. My friends, what we’re dealing with is a massive outbreak of PLWD: Post LSAT Withdrawal Disorder.

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Does LSAT Study Make you a Functional Law Student?

First off, congratulations to everyone who just recently took that pesky little LSAT.  Don’t worry, with a few minor exceptions, the worst is behind you… now it’s time to sit back and- wait.

As you settle into one of the longest waits of your life, you may be wondering if you will ever again use all that information you spent the last few months learning, practicing and living.   Well this is where I swoop in to assure you, it is not completely irrelevant to your future!

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The June 2010 LSAT: Get Ready for the Waiting Game

The cancellation deadline for the June test has officially come and gone. If you took the test and didn’t pull out yet, then you’ve got a score coming your way fairly soon. It’s actually scheduled to be emailed to you two weeks from today, on Monday the 28th, but if history is any judge, it might end up coming out a week from Friday. The fact that you have to wait up to three weeks for your score seems cruel, especially considering that it’s graded on a damn scantron. I know. The time between now and then can seem like an eternity, but you can no longer fret about whether or not you should cancel. The stones have been cast and there is nothing you can do anymore.