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Trials of the Century: The Lindbergh Baby Abduction

Charles Lindbergh, a completely unknown air-mail pilot, flew his way into history. He was the first person to complete a solo, nonstop flight from New York City to Paris. When he landed in Paris, a crowd of about 150,000 people were there to greet him. When he finally got back to New York City, a crowd of 200,000 welcomed him back. To put that into perspective, Beyonce on average only manages to turn out 45,000 people. Lindbergh was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor — an award usually reserved for combat veterans. He was named “Man of the Year” by the Times. The U.S. Post Office commemorated his flight with a 10-cent stamp. Lindbergh went on to use his fame to help popularize commercial aviation.


Trials of the Century: Alger Hiss

Alger Hiss was, depending upon whom you believe, a Communist spy burrowed deeply in the Department of State or, alternatively, one of the earliest victims of the Red Scare that tore through the United States — promoted most ferociously by Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy — and which destroyed many lives in the process.