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Google’s self-driving cars didn’t just drive themselves over to Uber.

A few years ago, Apple sued Samsung for patent violations. The case resulted in a jury award amounting to over one billion dollars. It was a massive case, and it captured headlines around the world. Just a short time ago, Google filed suit against Uber, beginning a case that could dwarf the Apple v. Samsung litigation.

Google, through its self-driving car subsidiary Waymo, is accusing Uber of stealing its self-driving car technology. The complaint centers on Anthony Levandowski. Levandowski is a former Google employee who now works at Uber.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.16.15

A. So there’s this movie. Apparently it’s called Star Wars or something like that. People happen to like it. USA Today
B. Will Google’s self-driving cars make Uber a thing of the past? The Verge
C. Law school enrollments fall again. Good news for aspiring law students. Above the Law
D. Missed last night’s GOP debate? Watch the whole thing here. It’s… well… yeah. Election Central
E. The history of Ol’ St. Nick, in 90-second video format. BuzzFeed

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Logical Reasonings / 12.14.15

A. Donald Trump’s as awesome at getting a medical exam as he is at everything else. How does he do it? The Daily Beast
B. That drone you’re getting for Christmas? You have to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration. And you may want to get insurance too. Chicago Tribune
C. Apparently you can go to law school and play college hoops at the same time. You wish you were Braeden Anderson. NCAA.com
D. Not-at-all-sorry Bill Cosby files lawsuit against seven of his accusers. The yuck factor is off the charts here. CNN
E. Seattle is the first major city to allow Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize. Interesting times, indeed. Huffington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 12.10.15

A. Season two of Serial is here! Out with Adnan, in with Bowe. Washington Post
B. The ABA has approved the merger of two Minneapolis law schools. Given the tightening of the law school market in the past few years, expect more such mergers in the future. Minneapolis Star-Tribune
C. A federal judge has ruled that an arbitration clause in Uber’s contracts with its drivers is unenforceable, opening the door to a huge class action lawsuit over whether those drivers are employees or independent contractors. c|net
D. Hot Santa. Yes, you read that right. Hot. Santa. Bored Panda
E. Machines just got a lot better at learning, and you can expect them to turn against us even sooner than you thought. New York Times