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Here are the Winners in Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Video Contest

Last week, Blueprint LSAT Prep’s video contest for 2013 came to an end. We finished with nine submissions, each of which was a winner in its own right. Some videos followed the contest guidelines. Some of them didn’t. All of them made us smile, at least.

To catch you up to speed, we asked future LSAT test-takers to submit a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) on the dangers of self-studying for the LSAT — a la “This is your brain on drugs.” What are the life-changing effects of self-studying for the LSAT? Why should you study with Blueprint LSAT Prep instead of on your own? Why should you just say no to going at LSAT prep alone? You get the idea.

Without further ado, here are the top three videos we received:

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Logical Reasonings / 3.20.13

A) Check out the submissions in our video contest and vote on your favorite one to win a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course. Facebook.

B) Don’t kid yourself. Law schools are still being a little sneaky. Fortune.

C) If you could create the prefect law school applicant, this is what he or she would look like. Business Insider.

D) Congress is suddenly worried about asteroids. NBC News.

E) Here is a summary of human relationships, courtesy of an ice cream cone at a basketball game. Los Angeles Times

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Deadline Tomorrow for Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Video Contest

By now, you should know all about Blueprint LSAT Prep’s video contest on Facebook. If you’ve read our LSAT blog at all over the past month, you may have seen a few promotional posts. If you paid real close attention, you know time is running out to enter our video contest. In fact, time is almost up.

If you want to win a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course, you have until 11 p.m. PST Wednesday (tomorrow) to submit your video. Heck, even if you don’t want to win a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course, you can enter and opt for the $300 cash prize option. Second place wins $400 off a Blueprint LSAT Prep course or a $100 cash prize, and third place wins a free Blueprint LSAT Prep t-shirt and keychain. Each video can be voted on until the submission deadline, but ultimately the most original video that follows the contest guidelines will win.

What are the guidelines? Glad you asked.

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Spring 2013 Blueprint LSAT Prep Classes Starting Very Soon

If you follow college basketball, you know that March Madness is almost upon us.

If you follow the LSAT prep world, you know it is already here.

There are just a few weeks left to sign up for a spring 2013 Blueprint LSAT Prep course, so if you plan on taking the June LSAT and want the most effective and most entertaining instruction available, sign up for an LSAT course now. After our Berkeley LSAT prep class kicks things off tomorrow, here’s when the rest of the spring 2013 Blueprint LSAT Prep courses begin — as well as the instructor teaching the course:

Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses Starting March 24:

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7 Days Left to Submit to Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Video Contest

Alright, procrastinators. This LSAT blog post is for you.

Blueprint LSAT Prep is giving away a free LSAT course via a video contest called “Shoot a PSA, Win a Free Blueprint LSAT Prep Course,” but you only have a week left to enter. Here’s what to do:

1: Visit and “like” the Blueprint LSAT Prep Facebook page.

2: Click the “Contests” tab (or the forthcoming link) to get to the contest page.

3: Register for the video contest.

4: Upload your submission.

5: Receive votes and win stuff.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.13.13

A) You only have one week left to submit to Blueprint LSAT Prep’s video contest. Hurry, or you might miss out on the free LSAT prep course we’re giving away. Facebook.

B) Folks are still talking about yesterday’s release of the new US News & World Report law school rankings. Wall Street Journal.

C) They’re still counting votes in Florida, but it looks like there’s a new Pope. CNN.

D) Everybody settle down. There are no renegade Ukrainian dolphins with weapons strapped to their heads. Escapist Magazine.

E) Need help concentrating on your LSAT prep? Chomp on some gum. Discovery.

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Only 2 Weeks Left to Win a Free Blueprint LSAT Prep Course

Enough with the storyboards and special effects. With only two weeks to go in Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Facebook video contest “Shoot a PSA, Win a Free LSAT Course,” you need to get out there and start filming.

If for some reason you haven’t heard about the contest, here’s the deal: Blueprint LSAT Prep is giving away a free LSAT prep course (or $300 cash prize, if you so choose) to whomever submits the best 30-second public service announcement (PSA) on the dangers of self-studying for the LSAT. Second place wins a $400 voucher toward a Blueprint LSAT Prep class (or $100 cash prize, if so desired), and third place takes home a free Blueprint LSAT Prep t-shirt and keychain.

But you only have until March 20 to submit, and it’s to your advantage to submit early so that your video can immediately begin accumulating votes.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.5.13

A) St. Louis University’s interim law school dean has already resigned, citing his own political incorrectness. STL Today.

B) Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer got his butt chewed out by a judge. He’s going to be in even deeper trouble when he finds out he’s Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer. ABC News.

C) The lead singer of heavy metal band Lamb of God has been acquitted in the death of a fan who died after being pushed off stage. NBC News.

D) If you bet that Hugo Chavez would die before LSAC released February LSAT scores, you may collect your winnings. CBS News.

E) If you thought the sample PSAs in the Blueprint LSAT Prep video contest were cheesy, check out these anti-drug ads by the Rolla, Missouri, Police Department. BuzzFeed.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.4.13

A) If a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course sounds like something you’d be interested in (and who wouldn’t be?) enter our video contest. Facebook.

B) Being on a law school wait list can be brutal. Here’s how to get off it. Law Admissions Lowdown.

C) Law schools like Yale are adapting, y’all. Yale Daily News.

D) And apparently law schools like Harvard should look into hacking. Harvard Record.

E) The entrants in this year’s Smithsonian Magazine’s photo contest should be in the Smithsonian or something. The Atlantic.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.1.13

A) How’s a free Blueprint LSAT Prep class sound? Enter our video contest and it could be yours. Facebook.

B) Michigan Law has a new debt wizard tool that you need to check out ASAP. Above the Law.

C) Hey, don’t forget: Sinkholes exist. CNN.

D) Chipotle has a 1,500-calorie burrito you know nothing about. Fast Company.

E) This blog may or may not be the creation of Blueprint LSAT Prep staff. It also may or may not be incredible. Bad Latte Art.