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Logical Reasonings / 3.3.14

A) Even law schools are admitting that now is the best time to apply. GW Hatchet.

B) Of course, you should never apply to law school unless you’re serious about attending. Law Admissions Lowdown.

C) Kudos to Yale Law for defending Vietnam veterans battling PTSD. ABA Journal.

D) Watch those Facebook posts. It could cost you $80,000. Wall Street Journal.

E) The In Memorium section of last night’s Oscars had several glaring omissions. Vulture.

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Which U.S. Presidents Would’ve Earned a 174+ LSAT Score?

I have a carny’s talent: I can predict a person’s LSAT score after the briefest of encounters. I once saw the Baldwin brothers at an In-N-Out Burger. Alec Baldwin is a 170, and Stephen is a 126.

So, in honor of Presidents’ Day—that great American holiday designed to keep us from taking a day off for each of our great presidents—I bring you my rundown of the top presidential LSAT scores.

The Presidential 174+ LSAT Score Club

A 174 LSAT score puts you above the median at every law school. It’s the stuff of dreams, and nightmares. Here are the presidents who would have made it into this exclusive club:

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Logical Reasonings / 1.16.14

A) Law school tuition is on sale, and one school is offering savings of 18 percent. Wall Street Journal.

B) Meanwhile, Yale Law School is adjusting its academic calendar (gasp!). Yale Daily News.

C) It’s a good thing that Supreme Court justices are judges and not architects. Above the Law.

D) Remember: When you’re a defendant, always put your cell phone on courtroom mode. ABA Journal.

E) Now this is how you protest politicians: dump a truck full of horse manure on their front steps. Time.

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Logical Reasonings / 4.20.12

A) A study with more holes than Mel Gibson’s stress ball found male Yale Law students are 16 percent more likely to speak up in class than female students. Yale Daily News.

B) Should death row inmates be able to donate their organs? Nope, says Oregon. ABA Journal.

C) Disney chairman Rich Ross is out of a job after John Carter of Mars put the company $200 million in the red. At least now he has time to go to the movies. CNN.

D) It’s like your mother always said: No throwing Cheez-Its in the house. Click Orlando.

E) If you think corgis are cute, here are 108 photos of them. And even if you don’t think they’re cute, here are 108 photos of them. BuzzFeed.