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Blueprint: The Movie offers approximately 88 hours of professionally
animated lesson videos. Join the revolution.

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Same Great LSAT Course, New Format.


Blueprint’s classroom course has helped thousands of students improve their LSAT scores. But for years, it was only available to those who lived in specific cities. No longer. Blueprint: The Movie allows you to experience the same amazing Blueprint course without being tied to a specific location.

Our LSAT experts worked with a team of professional animators to create the most informative and entertaining learning environment you’ve ever seen. In addition, each online LSAT class is divided into chapters so you can watch a whole lesson or just a particular segment. The videos are also interactive – your instructors will pause the video at certain points so you can work on a drill or question.

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Our online LSAT course covers the exact same curriculum as the famous Blueprint classroom course.

For more information on the structure of our course, study materials, and curriculum, check out the classroom course page»


Don't just take our word, Watch It.



Trent uses his strong knowledge of the outdoors to work through a flaw question in Lesson 7


Does Gombrich audition on Thursday? Find out in this clip from Workshop 2.

North America

Trent explains the history of the North American landscape in less than a minute.


Matt spots a problem with the claim that your brain can solve world hunger.


Bankers, lawyers, and athletes make for one hell of a party in Lesson 4.


Matt goes bird watching in this classic grouping game from Lesson 7.


Most LSAT prep companies won't give you a preview of their online course lessons or homework explanations on their website. At Blueprint, we believe in transparency for our prospective students. You can watch some of our video samples above or take the more extensive free tour to see exactly what our online LSAT course is all about.

When you combine expert instructors with professional animation, the result is a truly engaging learning experience. If you are engaged in the material, you will learn more and your LSAT score will quickly improve.


The best of the best LSAT prep instructors


When you study for the LSAT, you want to learn from the best.
As long as you have an internet connection, now you can.

Blueprint: The Movie is entirely taught by Blueprint founders Matt Riley and Trent Teti. Between them they’ve sent enough students to law school to fill a medium-sized stadium. Since they wrote the Blueprint curriculum, it’s fair to say they understand it pretty well.

Trent Teti scored a 174 on the LSAT and has a strong background in philosophy. He brings his knowledge of logic and analytical reasoning to the Blueprint course.

Matt Riley scored a 179 on his own LSAT and was accepted to law schools across the country. He has never missed a single question on any logic games section and brings his love of games and overall mastery of the test to the Blueprint course.

There really is
no comparison.

When you look at the Blueprint LSAT Prep online course and other online options, it’s not even close. If you are going to log the long hours necessary to study for the LSAT, you need a course that is both flexible and entertaining.

Blueprint: The Movie is incredibly flexible. Since the course lessons are pre-recorded, you can watch them when you want and as many times as you want. Other “live” online courses make you tune in at a specific time, only to watch some boring instructor run a class that isn’t much more than a bad slideshow.

Blueprint: The Movie is also incredibly entertaining. Trent and Matt are so popular as instructors because they convey the material in a hilarious way. Also, we hired professional animators (who used to work for shows like South Park) to spice up the content. Other online courses will put you to sleep. Blueprint will help you laugh your way straight to that 180.