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Blueprint LSAT Prep's mission is to provide a different kind of educational experience.

We strive to make law school dreams come true. If we can help you maximize your LSAT score while enjoying the ride, then we have done our job. Over the years, we have built a team of employees dedicated to this mission.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep was founded by a group of instructors with a simple idea:
Students will learn more if they are having fun.

Trent Teti - Founder

Blueprint LSAT Prep began years ago in the living room of Trent's old apartment in Hollywood. Trent wrote the logical reasoning portion of the Blueprint curriculum and designed, produced and co-taught Blueprint: The Movie, the online version of the Blueprint course. Trent oversees the Blueprint Creative Group and is responsible for envisioning and bringing to market new LSAT products. Having taught many thousands of students over ten years with a raw and irreverent style, he's famous in the admittedly small world of the LSAT. Trent holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley and has been trying for more years than he'd like to complete the Ph.D in philosophy at UCLA that brought him to Los Angeles in the first place.

Matt Riley - Founder

After having spent the much of Blueprint's first year crashing on Trent's couch, Matt relocated to enjoy a calmer life just off the Strand in Manhattan Beach. Matt wrote the logic games portion of the Blueprint curriculum, co-taught Blueprint: The Movie, and authored The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. Matt is responsible for Blueprint's day-to-day operations.

Like Trent, Matt has taught many thousands of LSAT students, and, disturbingly enough, has been recognized in public on a number of occasions from his many appearances in Blueprint: The Movie. Matt holds a BA in Psychology from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Jodi Teti - Founder

Like Matt and Trent, Jodi has been with Blueprint from its inception. She wrote the reading comprehension portion of the Blueprint curriculum and is currently working on The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension. Jodi oversees the Blueprint Marketing Team and is responsible for company branding, advertising, and internet presence.

Jodi holds a BA in English Literature from Stanford University and an MA in English Literature from the University of Virginia. She enjoys gardening and erudite wordplay.


Our Team


Our team members embody both aspects of the Blueprint ethos: a sense of fun and a commitment to excellence.They share the belief that we can have a good time while still being the best at what we do.

Blueprint is located in central Los Angeles near The Original Farmer's Market, where we are surrounded by an endless supply of delicious lunch options (not to mention the fact that we are situated directly above a Chipotle).

Our office features an open floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows, and tons of natural light. While other test prep companies boast the same coffee maker you could find in a rural insurance office, Blueprint offers unlimited beverages (including any flavor of sparkling water that your heart desires) and no fewer than four coffee machines (traditional gold basket drip, a french press, a Nespresso capsule system, and a venerable Giotto E-61 heat exchange espresso machine).

Blueprint offers employee retirement contributions, a health care stipend, and liberal vacation and personal leave policies. We're an all-Mac outfit with ergonomic chairs and plenty of alternative work spaces so that you’re not tied to your desk all day.

The last Friday of every month, the company gathers around a communal lunch to review progress and share developments in each department. We also host a themed office potluck every other month - a true foodie's delight. Recent themes have included French Food Extravanganza, Springtime Picnic, and Valentine's Day Brunch.

In case you haven't noticed, we all really like to eat.

Work With Us

Our Instructors


The quality of an LSAT class is largely dependent on the caliber of its teacher. Blueprint LSAT Prep was founded by a group of instructors, and amazing instruction remains our focus to this day.

Who we get

    At Blueprint, while we look for outstanding test takers (all Blueprint instructors have scored a 170 or higher on an actual LSAT administered by Law Services), we also require that they be outstanding teachers. Blueprint instructors have been attorneys, military personnel, writers, actors, Teach For America alumni, and world travelers. They’ve graduated from the most prestigious undergraduate institutions and law schools around the country.

Up To$100/hr
Well paid =
Happy Instructors
Instructor's minimum
LSAT score

How We Get Them

Most test preparation companies offer between $20/hour to $40/hour to their instructors. To attract the best, we pay the best. Blueprint instructors begin their pay scale at $60/hour and make as much as $100/hour for large classes. In addition, the Blueprint course has far more classroom hours than other offerings. Our instructors earn up to $7,600 for teaching a single course. No other company comes close to that level of compensation.

Average Instructor Pay Per Hour LSAT Company Comparison Chart

Princeton Review
Power Score
$70 Avg.
$25 Avg.

How We Train Them

Blueprint instructors undergo a rigorous, 186-hour training process. After an interview process in which fewer than 5% of instructors who apply are invited to training, those still in contention are flown to Los Angeles where they are personally trained by Blueprint founders Trent, Matt, and Jodi. Once there, they participate in improvisation, mock LSAT classes, and pedagogical instruction. Attrition at instructor training can be as high as 50% before we christen a new class of instructors. Between our 95% first cut and our 50% second cut, Blueprint has approximately a 2.5% acceptance rate, which makes us about as selective as Harvard Law School and Goldman Sachs (though we screen for a notably different personality than the latter, it should be noted).

Once given a class, our instructors are mentored by a veteran instructor who meets with them each week to help them prepare lessons. This mentor also observes an early lesson to ensure classes are being conducted according to our high teaching standards. Finally, early lesson feedback in the form of student course surveys students also ensure that the instructor is teaching up to par. In all, the Blueprint instructor training program is its own great chain of being. Other companies may claim their training is rigorous, but we believe nothing compares to what we do.


We only hire the best and the brightest. Meet Our LSAT Prep Instructors

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