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The world’s best LSAT prep fits in your pocket. Learn how to crush the LSAT anytime, anywhere.

Everything You Need to Raise Your LSAT Score

Interactive Lessons

Buckle up for an entertaining, hi-def ride through the LSAT. Each lesson includes high quality, informative animations and tons of in-lesson assessments, the kind of interactive learning that’s been shown to maximize understanding and retention.

Tons of Practice
Tons of Practice

Chug a cup or twelve of your favorite coffee and get ready to work, because you’ll get access to every single question in the modern history of the LSAT, more than 8,500 to date. And nearly every question comes with a detailed video explanation.

World-Class Instructors

Online Anytime lessons are taught by longtime Blueprint instructors. Put together, these elite instructors have shepherded thousands of students through the LSAT prep gauntlet, and now they’re here to share their hard-won expertise with you.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

When we say anytime, we mean anytime. Do a few questions on your lunch break or in line at the DMV, because Blueprint’s Online Anytime Course is optimized for just about any mobile device, and everything you get on your desktop or laptop is available on the small screen.

Unlimited Live Help

You may be online, but you aren’t alone. Online Anytime students have access to office hours 6 days a week. And Blueprint’s friendly and helpful academic managers are there every day to keep you on the path to a great LSAT score increase.

Flexible Study Plan

Create a customized study calendar that fits your busy schedule. Or, stick with the personally crafted study plan we provide when you sign up. It’s just one of the many ways the Online Anytime Course adapts to your needs.

A Better Way to Learn Online

Interactive Lessons, Adaptive Homework, Newest Practice Exams

Blueprint’s Online Anytime Course is so much more than videos.

How do you know if you’re learning? With Online Anytime interactive lessons, you’ll have a chance to check every few minutes. Each lesson segment is followed by a quick assessment -- usually a multiple choice question just like the LSAT -- designed to test your understanding of what you just watched. Getting this kind of in-lesson practice helps to fix the concept firmly in your mind, there for recall when you need it.

Take what you learn, and sharpen your skills with targeted practice. Each practice exam you take comes with a detailed score report, giving you the feedback you need to take your LSAT score to the next level. Smart homework adapts to your skill level. Customized practice sets are there for you to zero in on weaknesses.

Personalized Study Plan

Tell us when you want to take the LSAT, and we’ll create a custom study calendar, perfectly paced to get you where you need to be by test day. If it doesn’t work with your schedule, drag and drop the calendar entries to where they work best for you. The Online Anytime Course is all about personalization.

Online Anytime Course Sample Videos

Spend a week in the Bahamas with the Online Anytime Course, and all it’ll cost you is a trip to the Bahamas.

Get one week of free access to the full Online Anytime Course to decide whether or not the best is right for you.

Free LSAT Resources

Anytime, Anywhere Optimized to You

Here’s where we yank away one of your best excuses not to study. You don’t have to be in front of your computer or sitting at a desk to reap the full benefit of Blueprint’s top-notch online resources. We rebuilt our online platform from the ground up with mobility in mind, and the result is a mobile device experience that’s every bit as good as traditional studying. If you’ve got signal, you’ve got Blueprint.

And with the new LSAT electronic format, your practice should closely resemble that setup. Our online questions interface is just like the new LSAT interface -- although it’s a lot easier on the eyes.

Meet the Instructors

Kevin Lin LSAT: 180

Kevin is so much more than a perfect LSAT score. He’s a graduate of Columbia Law School. He’s a former lawyer and federal prosecutor. He’s an avid connoisseur of only the finest video games. But yes, he DID get a perfect score. Lucky for you we were able to lure him away from single-handedly changing the lives of his New York students long enough to immortalize him on film. Cookies were involved.

Laura Santoski LSAT: 178

The critics have spoken and they all agree: Laura is the best. She studied politics and Spanish at NYU, and before she was a Blueprint instructor in Boston she was a Blueprint student. She loved it so much she decided law school could wait… forever. When she’s not running, like, 30 miles a week for some reason, she’s dishing out free advice on our LSAT blog. You couldn’t ask for a better coach.

Brett Donaldson LSAT: 179

Legend has it Brett was born with a fully-formed logic game clenched in his tiny fist. Given the way he demolishes them, we believe it. He’s taught Blueprint classes coast-to-coast (literally) and almost certainly has a cadre of LSAT groupies who followed him there. When he’s not binging baking shows, he’s working toward a J.D. at Columbia Law School. He’s definitely not miming logic games in his sleep. Probably.


“I researched a lot of programs beforehand and went with Blueprint because it had good reviews and was one of the more affordable options (by far). The material is very comprehensive and Kevin does a great job of breaking things down so I didn’t feel intimidated. So far I’ve gone up 9 points and I’m not even finished with the course yet. Also I really appreciate all of the resources online. Between all the homework, homework problem explanation videos, practice sets, online lessons, live streaming webinars, and practice exams there’s more than enough material to get in as much studying as humanly possible.”

Ruby T.
Brooklyn, NY

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Some people think they can study for the LSAT in a week. (Spoiler: You can’t.) If you’ve got that superpower, then you’re about to take the world’s best online LSAT prep course for free. Just sign up, and you’ll get 7 days of free access to the Online Anytime Course. This is not a trial account, some stripped down version of a real, comprehensive program. No, this is 100% access to all the features described above. Cancel anytime from your account. And don’t worry, we’ll remind you before we charge your credit card.

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