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Here's what you get:

Lessons, Workshops & Exams

All the LSAT prep you can imagine with 16 engaging lessons led by Blueprint’s top instructors, 3 at-home review workshops, and 6 practice exams

Expert Live Online Instruction

Blueprint’s Live Online LSAT Course delivers our famous high-results classroom experience right to your laptop with the most personalized LSAT prep available. Get 48 hours of focused, expert led LSAT instruction and a myriad of free support and online resources.

FREE LSAT Office Hours

Get free extra help to drive your top results while collaborating with fellow students across the nation with LSAT Office Hours offered 6 days per week, accessible through your MyBlueprint account

Cutting-Edge Online Tools

In addition to your live classes, get access to Blueprint’s Online Course, with 88 hours of additional practice and supplemental lessons, along with our iOS Mobile App for lessons on-the-go, mobile test scoring, and more.

3 Textbooks, 19 Practice LSATs

Every released LSAT question (over 8,000 total), including 6 proctored practice tests and 13 additional exams

98th Percentile Instructors

Amazing instructors with 170+ LSAT scores lead every class alongside an equally qualified Teaching Assistant, all screened for teaching ability and personality

Price: $1299

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Finally…Engaging Live Online LSAT Prep

Challenge yourself and get truly LSAT-engaged to reach your highest score potential with Live Online prep delivering:

  • 16 core live-streamed online sessions
  • 6 full-length proctored LSATs
  • Direct access to a 98th percentile expert Instructor and Teaching Assistant
  • Online tools to support make-ups or supplemental study
  • Expanded practice with EVERY released LSAT test
  • Free extra help 6 days per week

No matter where you live or how hectic your schedule, Blueprint has an LSAT Live Online Course to pair you with the nation’s best LSAT instructors, all while providing the most thorough (and believe it or not fun) LSAT prep. Put yourself in the front row.

Free LSAT Office Hours…Yes, Free!

Blueprint offers free LSAT Office Hours to provide added assistance, guidance and extra help through online, LSAT expert led sessions. Running 6 days per week, Blueprint’s live online office hours are open to all Blueprint LSAT students with an active myBlueprint account (including those on extensions), no matter their prep choice: tutoring, classroom or online study. Office hours are open at varying times 6 days per week (no Fridays). Any student with an active course or subscription can enroll in our office hours through their myBlueprint account.

Macbook iPad

Blueprint's Online Course

Classroom students now get complete access to Blueprint's comprehensive LSAT curriculum: the Blueprint Online Course. This includes fully animated, HD videos that correspond to every classroom lesson. These videos are taught by Blueprint co-founders Trent Teti and Matt Riley and are a great way to get an early start on the course, make up a missed lecture, or review classroom concepts.

You'll also receive access to 13 supplemental exams, online practice drills to reinforce methodology, scoring analytics so you can pinpoint weaknesses, online explanations for every question in the homework, an LSAT timer for taking practice LSATs and timing homework sections, and our proprietary law school compass so you can see your chances of admission at various law schools. (Did you notice that was all one sentence? That's how good we are.)

88 Online Course Hours
+8,000 Actual LSAT Questions with Explanations

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Blueprint LSAT textbooks

The LSAT is Scared of Our Curriculum.

The price of our LSAT class includes all of your course materials: three books containing hundreds of pages of perfectly engineered LSAT study material. The first book starts with some of the basic concepts in the class, the second book moves to more advanced concepts, and the third book focuses on review and timing. Once you have learned the concepts during our lessons and workshops, we have developed immersive drills available online. Additionally, online homework sections adapt to your own strengths and weaknesses to make sure you are improving through the course.

The 6 proctored practice exams are spaced strategically throughout the course. The first is to establish a baseline of your skill level. Tests two, three, and four are used to diagnose whether or not you're learning the methodology to approach each question correctly. Tests five and six are given to hone your test-taking skills after you've acquired all of your LSAT fundamentals. Should you want more practice, 13 additional full-length exams are available for you to work on timing, test-taking strategies, and general practice before your LSAT.

3 Textbooks
19 Practice Exams
8,000+ Actual LSAT questions at your disposal & 81 actual LSATs.

q 16 Core Lessons

These meetings are devoted to introducing new concepts and strategies.
We use current events or real-life examples to help illustrate challenging material. Believe it or not, your dating life can really help you understand conditional relationships.

q 6 Proctored Practice Exams

You wouldn't go on stage without a dress rehearsal, so why in the world are you going to take the LSAT without some warm-up runs? Blueprint students take six proctored practice exams during the course. By the time LSAT day rolls around, it's just another walk in the park (okay, a pretty stressful walk, but it will feel better).

q 3 Clinics

Near the end of the course, there are three targeted clinics, one devoted to each section of the LSAT (reading comp, logical reasoning, and logical games). At this point in the course, we are covering advanced concepts, and these clinics will help you get those last few, precious points.

q 3 Workshops

Our review workshops are situated at the end of each course book. We cover a lot of material, so it's always helpful to review.


Blueprint has developed powerful techniques for approaching all sections of the LSAT.

We've divided every LSAT logic game, reading comprehension passage, and logical reasoning question into categories and teach you how to recognize each one. We then give you the Blueprint methods for the best way to approach each question, followed by scads of homework to reinforce these techniques.

Our curriculum is updated every year to keep pace with changes on the LSAT. If you take Blueprint, you will be the most prepared student in the room come test day.

Diagramming for LSAT class
iPhone and iPad applications for our LSAT class
THE BLUEPRINT APP Learning the LSAT just got a whole lot more effective.

Adaptive Homework

Our adaptive homework sets make the most of your LSAT study time. Intelligent question sets analyze your skills and give you problems catered to your strengths and weaknesses, optimizing your ability to learn quickly and effectively.

Customizable LSAT Prep Practice Sets

What you need to work on may be different from someone else. Textbooks can't change from student to student but the Blueprint app can! Our interactive drills allow you to choose the number, type, and difficulty of questions so that you can tailor your course of LSAT study to focus on what you need when you need it.

Interactive LSAT Drills

Reinforce skills taught in LSAT class with online drills that test key LSAT concepts. Learn formal logic, diagramming, causation, and more with the swipe of a hand or from drag and drop drills.

iPad application

Interactive Questions Interface

The app allows you to tackle homework questions online. You can get hints on difficult questions, learn what areas of the argument you should have honed in on for the correct answer, and generate an analysis of not only the types of questions on which you struggle, but the parts of that question, such as logical force or difficult terminology, that are difficult.

The Blueprint app will revolutionize the way you study for the LSAT. MORE INFO M Download on the App Store

Instructors 170+

The Best Instructors

They're super smart. And kinda hot too.

Blueprint LSAT Prep only hires the top 5% of instructors who apply. Not only do applicants have to look good on paper (an LSAT score of 170 earned on an actual test administered by Law Services is required), but they must be able to teach up to our very high standards.

That's why we fly the best LSAT instructors in the world to Los Angeles, where they're personally trained by Blueprint LSAT Prep founders Matt, Trent and Jodi. They spend 70 hours watching presentations, participating in improvisational comedy, and showcasing their abilities by "lecturing" us on various topics ("How to Tell Your Ass From Your Elbow" is our all-time favorite). In the end, it's whether or not they can make us laugh while teaching LSAT prep's core concepts that distinguishes the good LSAT instructors from the best LSAT instructors.

After they're hired, our instructors undergo 118 more hours of extensive training --- including 76 hours of lesson prep and 40 hours of personal mentoring by another veteran instructor. But it doesn't stop there! All new instructors undergo 6 hours of evaluation and feedback to ensure they're teaching the class up to our very high standards.


Training Before Hiring


Training Before Teaching First Class

188 hrs

Total Training (includes six classroom evaluation hours)

Sure, our training process is rigorous and borderline excessive. But that's what it takes to have the best LSAT instructors in the biz --- and having the the best LSAT instructors in the biz is what it takes to have our amazing average practice exam score increase: 11 points (see below for details of study).

Finally, the best LSAT instructors also receive the best LSAT instructor pay: up to $100/hour. So if any other company has a great teacher, we just hire them away.

Graph is representative of a standard instructor candidate. Individual candidates may train more or less depending on experience and aptitude.

We are the largest boutique LSAT prep company in the world.
Since we only focus on the LSAT, we can hire the best of the best.

170 Fewer than 2% of LSAT takers score a 170 or higher

Blueprint hires the best instructors

5 Of that 2%, less than 5% of applicants go on to teach a Blueprint course.